School Buses

Bournemouth School Buses

The council funds a number of dedicated school buses for the following schools

Avonbourne and Harewood Schools

  • Route 45 – from Moordown, Charminster and Boscombe.
  • Route 46 – from Throop, Muscliffe, Moordown and Winton.
  • Route 81 – from Charminster and Townsend.

Bournemouth School and Bournemouth School for Girls

  • Route 60 – from Wallisdown, West Howe and Ensbury Park.

St Peters School

  • Routes 85, 86, 87 and 88 - From various parts of Bournemouth.

Queens Park Schools

  • Route 49 – from Cooper Dean and Townsend.

All the above routes are provided by Yellow Buses – full details of the school routes are on Yellow Buses website.

There are as number of other school buses provided on a commercial basis and in addition a number of network bus services also serve schools.

Poole School Buses

The Borough of Poole provides financial subsidy for a number of dedicated school bus services. These services are provided to carry pupils and students with Borough of Poole bus passes, passes obtained from the Bus Company as well as daily fare-paying passengers.

In addition there are other bus routes serving schools that are either provided commercially (without subsidy) or are supported by other local authorities.

For more information visit the Borough of Poole School Buses webpage.   

Please note that Damory Coaches no longer accept the Key smartcard or Zone, Saver and Network tickets on school bus services. Pupils who do not qualify for a Borough of Poole bus pass (free travel or subsidised travel) may purchase single or return fares on a daily basis or purchase a Scholars Pass from the bus company.