Beryl Bikes - The Bike Share Scheme

Bike-Share Beryl Bikes

BCP Council has partnered with Beryl for a five-year contract to deliver an innovative Bike Share scheme across Bournemouth, Christchurch and Poole. Beryl’s distinctive emerald green bikes are now available for instant hire via the Beryl App

The App tracks the GPS location of the bike allowing users to easily access and unlock any Beryl bike simply using a smartphone.

Over 1000 brand new bikes have been conveniently distributed for use at key destinations including rail and bus stations, town centre shopping areas and tourist attractions and are available for instant hire

How does it work?

The Beryl bikes have three speed gears and a step through design, with fully adjustable handlebars and seats for a wide range of riders, from 4’11” to 6’5”. 

The App can be downloaded on the Apple app store for iPhone, and the Google Play Store for Android users. Riders can choose to pay each time they cycle, or take up an annual membership.

Users will be informed of the location of ‘Beryl Bays’, the preferred parking locations to leave the bikes. However, the scheme is designed with flexibility in mind and will allow users to park the bikes elsewhere, provided they are safely within the scheme area.

Operators will keep track of all the bikes via GPS and will redistribute them as required to maximise availability.

How much does it cost?

You can hire a Beryl bike using the Beryl app, then ride it anywhere in the operating zone for 5p a minute. Bikes can be picked up and dropped off in marked out ‘Beryl Bays’. Riders have a payment choice of:

  • pay-as-you-ride - £1 unlock fee
  • minute bundles - no unlock fee
  • 24 Hour Day Pass for £12.


Beryl has experience in bike share innovation, having been a lighting and technology partner to Transport for London bike share, and providing lights to the bike hire schemes in New York, Montreal and Glasgow. The British company also provides dockless bike share schemes in London, Hereford, Watford and Norwich and is accredited with Bikeplus, which is the agreed standard of Best Practice for the industry.

Future plans

Future developments include the introduction of a fleet of electric bikes for hire.  Businesses will also be offered the use of shared electric cargo bikes to assist with local deliveries and help cut both carbon emissions and congestion.


The Bike Share scheme is operated by Beryl who provide the bikes and maintain them at no cost to the Council. Please contact Beryl direct if you have any comments regarding the operation of scheme:

Beryl Customer Support 0203 0035044 or email