Cycle Safety and Security

With cycling at an all time high, make sure you know how to keep your bike safe a secure.

Bike Tagging

If your bike has been tagged it is much easier for the police to return it to you if it gets stolen. Bike tagging creates a permanent mark on your bike which can be used as proof of ownership, as well as acting as a deterrent to theft.  Once your bike is tagged the details are added to the Bike Register database.  If police find your bike they can check the tag on the database and get the bike returned to you.

Bike tagging events take place across the conurbation.  To find out when the next bike tagging event is please contact your Local Authority via the links below.



Lock it or Lose it

There are three simple ways of cutting the risk of bike theft:

  • A good lock
  • Using it effectively
  • Choosing the right location to lock it up

A heavy-duty bike lock can make a thief’s job more difficult, with the result that they abandon attempts to steal your bike or move onto a bike with a less secure lock.  Remember that two locks are better than one. D-locks are sturdy, but consider also using a cable lock to secure any parts of the bike which are quick release, such as the saddle or front wheel.

Secure the lock round the frame, spokes and bike stand, ensuring there is little room for manoeuvre to make it difficult for thieves to insert their tools.

Insure it

A bike can cost as much as an item of jewellery, an antique or a painting so make sure you are well covered by insurance in case of theft. 

Check whether your home contents insurance covers your bike. Make sure it covers you for thefts outside the home too. If your bicycle is particularly valuable you may need to insure it separately.

For more top tips on cycle security read the Steer Clear of Cycle Theft Leaflet.