Changes To Funded Bus Routes from 30 April 2017

Yellow Buses

Route 20 - this route will be re-numbered C1.

Castlepoint, Moordown, Charminster, Dean Park, Bournemouth Centre, Westbourne, continuing to Poole.  The section of route of this service will change from Bournemouth Centre westwards and following a consultation by the Borough of Poole the revised route will no longer continue to Poole.

The route from Bournemouth centre will continue westwards to West Cliff, retaining a direct service to Westbourne and continuing to Alum Chine as the existing C1 route.

The Castlepoint, Moordown, Charminster and Dean Park sections will not change route, an hourly frequency will continue, with changes to the timetabled departure times. The section of route 20 within Poole will be covered by route D1. 

Route 33 - this route will be re-numbered D1.

Bournemouth Centre, East Cliff, Boscombe, Littledown, Royal Bournemouth Hospital, Iford, Southbourne, Christchurch.  The existing route 33 section will be joined to the Poole section of route 20 to provide new through journeys to Westbourne, Penn Hill, Poole Hospital and Poole Centre. Stopping arrangements in Bournemouth centre will change – journeys eastwards towards Christchurch will depart from stand O Gervis Place. Westbound services towards Poole will leave from stand Z. The hourly frequency will continue with some changes to the timetabled departure times. 

Route 36 - changes to timetable and re-numbered U8

Surrey Road, Bournemouth Centre, Glenferness Avenue, Bournemouth University, Wallisdown, Turbary Park, West Howe, Kinson. This route will be re-numbered U8. The route will remain unchanged, continuing with an hourly frequency, with some changes to timetabled departure times to improve reliability. 

Changes to other Yellow Bus Services

There will also be changes to commercially provided Yellow Bus Services from 30th April. For full details of the these and the changes to funded routes above, please visit 

Posted on 25/04/2017