Dorset Commuter Challenge - Register Now!

Dorset Commuter Challenge 2019 - Banana Poster

Businesses in Bournemouth, Poole and Dorset can now sign up for the Dorset Commuter Challenge which is taking place during the month of March 2019.  Register now at   

Run in partnership with the three Local Authorities, Sustrans and the Business Travel Network, the aim of the Dorset Commuter Challenge is to reduce single occupancy car trips and encourage people to switch to a more sustainable commute.   All modes of travel from bus travel, train travel, car sharing, electric cars and active travel count, so everyone can participate.

The first person from each business who signs up acts as the Captain for that business.  The Captains role is to encourage as many colleagues to participate as possible.  Have a think about who might be best placed to register the business for the challenge and encourage colleagues to participate.  There will be lots of resources to help you spread the word.  But don’t worry the role of Captain can be passed on to another person should you just want to get the business registered ASAP.

The challenge is great fun and we’ll be giving out loads of prizes from early bird prizes for early registration, Captains prizes, mode specific prizes, and Overall workplace prizes based on the 6 workplace size categories.  Plus, there’s even more chance to win by sharing photos and messages about your journeys with us.
If you’re into social media, then you can follow all the updates from the Business Travel Network on twitter and engage with us @BTN_Dorset using #DorsetCommuterChallenge.
The Challenge was a great success when it was run in Bournemouth in 2017 and we’re really looking forward to welcoming businesses from Poole and Dorset to take part in 2019.

Posted on 13/02/2019