Co Wheels

Co Wheels Car Club

Are you thinking of getting rid of your car but worried you might still need it for occasional trips?  Or are you already car free but sometimes hire a car? 

Why not join Co Wheels Car Club!

Co-wheels is a different kind of car club. Operating as a Social Enterprise, working to develop and improve access to more sustainable car use for communities all over the UK.

Co-wheels is the only independently-owned national car club, providing low emission, hybrid and electric cars on a pay-as-you-go basis for organisations and communities.

Trading as a social enterprise means a commitment to improve society and environment. The primary focus is to help members to save money, reduce car ownership and create a cleaner environment by making lower impact transport options available to everyone. Because Co-wheels is a Community Interest Company, they reinvest profit into their operations to constantly expand and improve their service. 


For more information about Co Wheels Car Club, your local scheme, and how to join click here.