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Bournemouth Taxis and Private Hire Vehicles

Bournemouth Borough Council licence Hackney Carriages and Private Hire vehicles in the Bournemouth area.

They make sure that every taxi driver has an excellent knowledge of the area, a good grasp of English and, most importantly, is a safe and cautious driver. 

Hackney Carriages

You flag down a hackney carriage while out in Bournemouth.  They are pale yellow and will take you anywhere within the conurbation for a fare.

Private Hires

A private hire vehicle is one that you can book ahead of travelling. A private hire vehicle can’t pick up people along the side of the road. They need to be booked first through an operator.

Wheelchair accessible taxis

You can book a taxi with wheelchair access in Bournemouth through these operators

Fares and Tariffs

For an indication of Bournemouth taxi tariffs please use the taxi meter spreadsheet 

I’ve lost something in a taxi. What do I do?

Call Bournemouth Customer Services team on 01202 451199. They’ll make a lost property report. If your lost items are handed in, they’ll contact.  It usually takes 48 hours for lost property to arrive at our office once it has been found by the taxi owner.

We only hold lost property for three months. We send personal forms of identification such as passports and driving licences back to their issuing authorities after a day.

We also recommend you contact the police on their non-emergency number. Taxi drivers check their vehicles after each fare, but a small item could be overlooked. Another passenger may have found your belongings and handed them into the police. 

How do I make a compliment or complaint about a licenced taxi?

As the licensing authority behind taxis and private hire vehicles, Bournemouth Borough Council want to know if you’ve had good or bad service.  Please contact them via their website

For more information about Taxis in Bournemouth visit their website.