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Poole Taxi and Private Hire Vehicles

Borough of Poole license Hackney Carriages and Private Hire vehicles in the Poole area.

They make sure that every taxi driver has an excellent knowledge of the area, a good grasp of English and, most importantly, is a safe and cautious driver. 

Hackney Carriage (Taxi):

You can flag down a hackney carriage and in Poole they are either London-style taxis or saloon cars and have:

  • A large roof sign saying "Poole Taxi'
  • Stickers with a Borough of Poole logo and "Licensed Taxi" on the front doors.
  • A plate attached to the rear showing the Hackney Carriage licence number, vehicle registration mark and the seating capacity

Private Hire:

These vehicles provide a similar service to taxis, but can only ever be pre-booked through an operator. Private Hire vehicles in Poole have:

  • A plate attached to the rear showing the Private Hire licence number, vehicle registration mark and the seating capacity
  • Some vehicles may have the telephone number and name of the operator displayed either on the windscreen, back window or on the rear doors.

Fare Tariffs and Other Charges

Borough of Poole only set Fare Tariffs and Other Charges for Hackney Carriages, but most Private Hire vehicles in Poole are also fitted with a taximeter and charge the same rates.

The taximeter displays the maximum charge payable but drivers are allowed to charge less than the taximeter rate.

To find out what your fare might be please visit the Borough fo Poole webpages on taxi rates and tariffs

Lost property left in taxi

It is a condition of the taxi driver's license that any lost property found in Poole licensed vehicles must be handed in within 48 hours. The items are handed into the Customer Services team at the Civic Centre.

The items will be kept for a period of 3 months after which time they will be donated to charity, recycled, disposed of responsibly or it will be returned to the driver who found it, if appropriate.

If you have lost an item in a taxi please use othe Borough of Poole online report-it form.

We will check if your item has been handed in and if so let you know how to claim it.

If it hasn't been handed in yet we will make a report and will contact you if the item is found.

How do I make a compliment or complaint about a licenced taxi?

As the licensing authority behind taxis and private hire vehicles, Borough of Poole want to know if you’ve had good or bad service.  Please contact them with the details by e-mail

Safeguarding and Disability and Dementia Awareness Training for Licensed Drivers

From 1st April 2016 the Borough of Poole has introduced a new mandatory training course for Poole hackney carriage and private hire taxi drivers incorporating three key areas:-

  • Safeguarding (including Child Sexual Exploitation) 
  • Disability awareness
  • Dementia awareness

The hackney carriage and private hire trade provides an invaluable role in transporting a diverse range of customers. These passengers include some of our most vulnerable residents and drivers can be critical eyes and ears in the community as they undertake hundreds of journeys on a daily basis. The training therefore will help drivers adopt suitable safety measures for assisting vulnerable passengers. Fundamentally this also includes sign posting to relevant agencies should they have concerns they wish to report.

For more information about this training, private hire vehicles and taxis in Poole please visit the Borough of Poole website.